Thank you for showing interest in Jamorama.

Below is a list of questions which I require to approve your place in our affiliate Program.

In the past we have operated our affiliate program anonymously, without any contact or information about the people promoting our product. This is no longer acceptable. The future is about creating relationships, and having open communication with the people we trust to put our product out there on the internet.   If you do not want to complete these details, then our affiliate program is not right for you.  

Please take a few minutes now to re-apply to the Jamorama Affiliate Program.
Thank you once again for taking the time to apply. Talk to you soon :)

Best Regards
David Mckinnon
Jamorama Affiliate Manager


Over the next few months our whole affiliate program will have completely changed. Unfortunately for those affiliates that do not complete the application process they will be on the site wide 1.0% commission rate.
But getting the full commission rate is as simple as completing this form, and simply talking with me about your promotional activity.

I look forward to receiving your new application!